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    Machines & plant engineering
Machines & plant engineering


Production of Gaskets and Technical Textiles for industry: we manufacture ropes, packings, sleeves, tapes, clothes, insulating products and textile expansion joints for high temperatures. By following the specific needs of each Customer, we provide our experience in the sector.

The companies that build plants or machines, be them simple or complex, all have the need for products that may respond to the fundamental requirements of quality and reliability in order to not endanger their final product. TESPE, thanks to its highly specialized and flexible internal production processes, is able to realize both the "unique piece", upon customer’s request as well as typical small series or large plants, and big complex quantities of large mass production (Stoves, Boilers, Ovens, etc…).
High production capacity, flexibility, high quality of products which are certified and repeatable over time thanks to an assigned detailed production sheet per each, traceability of the items and materials used, accurate quality control, and organization of logistics and packaging (also customized "ad- hoc "according to the customer's needs); have made TESPE always recognized as a highly reliable and competitive partner with a wide range of products for thermal insulation Textiles and Industrial Seals for high temperatures.

industrial furnaces and dryers
Industrial Furnaces and Dryers PRODUCTS
  • Insulating lagging ropes
  • Customisable handmade textile products
  • Round, square and rectangular braided ropes
  • Extratex® tapes and sleeves
  • High-temperature resistant gaskets die-cut upon drawing
  • Silicone in 310ml cartridges
Industrial boilers and burners
Industrial Boilers and Burners PRODUCTS
  • PTFE tapes
  • Round, square and rectangular glass-fibre braided ropes
  • Manhole oval gaskets
  • Spiral-wound gaskets
  • Flat gaskets in graphite or PTFE
  • Red and black silicone
stoves, fireplaces, domestic ovens
Stoves, Fireplaces, Residential Ovens PRODUCTS
  • Sleeving
  • Fiberglass tadpole seals
  • Customisable handmade textile products
  • Braided ropes in glass-fibre, Fibersil and other yarn materials
  • Custom-made gaskets
  • Refractory sheets
  • Red-siliconised seals
  • Black silicone
furnaces and equipment for food industry
Furnaces and equipment for food industry PRODUCTS
  • Braided ropes, tapes and technical textiles for high temperatures
  • Red or black siliconised glass braided ropes
  • Asbestos-free gaskets die-cut upon drawing
  • FDA-compliant packings
  • Refractories and refractory sealants
  • Seals in virgin expanded and modified PTFE (Uniflon®) in compliance with FDA
  • High temperature silicone
extraction systems and filtration
Extraction and Filtration systems PRODUCTS
  • Asbestos-free gaskets die-cut upon drawing
  • Siliconised and PTFE-coated fabrics
  • Expanded rubber
  • Customisable handmade textile products
  • Expanded PTFE gaskets
  • Self-adhesive foam
heating systems and air conditioning
Heating Systems and Air Conditioning PRODUCTS
  • Asbestos-free gaskets die-cut upon drawing
  • Extratex® tapes and sleeves
  • Sheets and gaskets in expanded rubber
  • Customisable handmade textile products
cogeneration plants
Cogeneration plants PRODUCTS
  • Glass fabric with vermiculite coating
  • Silica fabric
  • Thermal insulation pillows, flange covers, textile compensators
  • Custom-made textile products
  • Silica, Fibersil and glass tapes
biomass industry
Biomass Industry PRODUCTS
  • Textile pillows
  • Asbestos-free gaskets in PTFE
  • Graphite gaskets
  • Tapes in glass fibre, silica fibre, etc etc...
motori industriali marini
Industrial & Naval Engines PRODUCTS
  • Flat gaskets in asbestos-free material or graphite upon drawing
  • Metal and spiral-wound gaskets
  • Expanded-PTFE gaskets
  • Gaskets in Kit
  • Customisable handmade textile products
  • Extratex® tapes and sleeving
valves pumps flanges
Valves, Pumps, Flanges

  • Custom-made seals
  • Graphite gaskets made upon drawing
  • Packings for pumps and valves
  • PTFE, graphite and asbestos-free gaskets
  • Spiral-wound gaskets
  • Stuffing-box packings
  • Stuffing-box graphite seals
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