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Specialized production of Rolled Cloth Packings and Manhole Gaskets made of heat resistant rubberized and graphitized fabric for use on boilers and industrial tanks.

These products are made thanks to a highly "handicraft" processing, which requires a particular skill and specific capacity of the operators.
They are made by bending and rolling on themselve a suitable fabric chosen for its properties of resistance at high temperature, which is previously rubberized and cut into strips.
This results in a product with excellent fluid and vapor holding capacity and high mechanical strength. To improve sealability and antistick properties, products often come with the surface graphited.

The most used fabrics (then rubberized) are:

  • Preox / kevlar fabric, reinforced metal
  • HT Glass fabric, reinforced metal
  • Refractory Ceramic (RCF) or Ecological (AES) Fabric, Reinforced Metal

Baderne e Guarnizioni PRODUCT RANGE Graphited Rolled Packings in Square or Rectangle sizes, made of:
  • only full rubberized fabric rolled
  • Braid Packings at core and cover with rubberized fabric over rolled
  • available with a cover of any type of metal or aluminum foil over rolled

Round and Oval Seals (Rubberized and Graphite)
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