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    Heat & Fire protection
Heat & fire protection


We take care of the Production of Technical Textiles for high temperatures, we make ropes, braids, packings, sleeves, tapes, insulating products, and high quality expansion joints, all in accordance with the specific needs of our customers.

The protection from heat, sparks, fire and other dangerous agents generated by various productive activities, may be necessary in order to prevent any damage to people, but also to preserve other parts of the plants against overexposure. that will avoid risks of explosions or fires caused by excessive heat, sparks, etc ... Furthermore, the thermal insulation of turbines, pipes, valves and parts of plants in general, allows a considerable energy saving that is increasingly important for modern industry, not only economically, but also from an ethical point of view of a more and more sustainable development. TESPE is able to study, design and manufacture a wide range of articles and insulating articles,thermal insulating and protective products and protective at the highest temperatures.

thermal insulation and heat protection products
Thermal insulation and heat protection products PRODUCTS
  • Customisable handmade heat-resistant products
  • Refractory sheets
  • Aluminized and vermiculite-coated glass felts and silica felts
  • Fire blankets and cloths
  • Valve covers and flange covers
heat and fire-protection clothing
Heat and fire-protection clothing PRODUCTS
  • Coats, boots, hoods, gloves, trousers, jackets in aluminized aramid fiber
  • Aprons in aluminized aramid fiber
  • Helmet cover and gaiters in aluminized aramid fiber
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