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    Industrial Gasket
Gaskets and industrial technical articles


TESPE is able to supply a complete range of Gaskets and Industrial Technical Articles for the production and maintenance of industrial plants and machines.

Industrial Gaskets
  • Custom made die-cut gaskets for standard flanges and special items.
  • High temperature gaskets in sheets and ceramic paper.
  • Spiral wound gaskets – Metal plastic gaskets - Ring Joints - in PTFE bag.
  • Braided and Pure Graphite pre-formed rings for gland packing.
  • Boiler packing and manholes.
  • Graphite and PTFE valve case.
  • Custom made gaskets and special items in various materials.
Sheets and Plates for Gaskets
  • Asbestos-free sealant joints.
  • Pure Expanded Graphite sheets and tape.
  • Expanded PTFE sheets.
  • Various agglomerated corks.
  • Rubber - Silicone Sheets.
  • Adhesive metal strap and reinforced rods, and special items in expanded PTFE.
Industrial Technical Products
  • Semi-finished goods, products and special items in PTFE and thermoplastic materials.
  • Flexible extractors for braids and gland packings.
  • Technical products for gaskets and filtration special workmanship.
  • Non-sintered PTFE tapes.
  • Woven ribbons for air slides.
  • Technical felts.
  • Products and articles for thermoelectric insulation.
  • Red or Black silicone Cartridges for high temperatures.
  • Mastic in Cartridges for high temperatures.

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