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    Transport Industry
Transport Industry


Production of Technical Textiles for transport industry: ropes, packings, sleeves, tapes, clothes, insulating products, expansion joints for high temperatures, along with high quality and experience both serving the needs of our customers in the field of insulation for high temperatures.

The companies that build vehicles and other means of transport, be them simple or complex, have very different characteristics and each sector has special requirements depending also on the size of the company. However, what all of them have in common is the necessity that the components forming the finished product meet the basics requirements of quality, and guarantee duration and respond to specific industry standard.
Tespe, has been certified UNI ISO 9001 since 2003 and has always placed the emphasis on the high quality and reliability of its products and services and thus is the ideal partner for this type of industries thanks also to wide range of textile products for thermal insulation and industrial seals for high temperatures.

shipbuilding marine
Shipbuilding & Marine

  • Gaskets in asbestos-free material or graphite upon drawing
  • Refractory sheets
  • Glass felt AND aluminized-silica felts
  • High temperature textile fabrics
  • Customisable handmade textile products
  • Extratex® sleeving
  • Stuffing box packings
  • Gland-packings for pumps and valves
aeronautics and aerospace industry
Aeronautics and Aerospace Industry PRODUCTS
  • Carbon felts
  • Extratex® sleeving
  • Extratex tapes
  • Alsitex textile products
railway industry
Railway Industry

  • Gaskets in asbestos-free material or graphite upon drawing
  • Extratex sock
  • Asbestos-free felts and paper
  • Dielectric glass-fibre tapes
agricultural and heavy machinery
Agricultural and Heavy Machinery PRODUCTS
  • Gaskets in asbestos-free material or graphite upon drawing
  • Extratex protective sleeving
  • Packings for pumps and valves
  • Customisable handmade textile products
automotive industry
Automotive Industry PRODUCTS
  • Textile products for protection of air hose and turbine (cars, motorcycles, and boats)
  • Silica needle felts
  • Glassmat fiberglass felts Fiberglass
  • Silica fabrics Caranellized glass ribbons
  • Silica Fibersil tapes
  • Aluminized glass sock stitched
  • Extratex fiberglass sock
Motorcycle industry
Motrocycle Industry PRODUCTS
  • Adhesive aluminized glass fabrics
  • Tapes in silica fibre and caramelized glass fibre
  • Squares in adhesive aluminized glass fabric
  • Needled felts in Silica and Glass mats
  • Sewn and die-cut glass felts
  • Steel straw
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