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TESFLEX® is our range of Textile Expansion Joints for high temperatures available in different types and shapes also with metallic carpentry.

TESFLEX®are textile compensators for expansion joints.
They are made of a multilayer alternating a variety of layers of fabrics and felts for high temperature, sealing teflon, metal, rubber and other materials reinforced with wire mesh depending on the conditions of use: type of fluid to be sealed (hot air, gas, fumes, etc...), temperature, pressure, type of movement to be absorbed (axial, lateral, combined), type of plant, and so forth. There are different configurations such as round, rectangular, and cone. Different types of flanges: Horizontal (Tubular Axis), Vertical (Perpendicular to Pipe), Mixed (Horizontal + Vertical). TESFLEX® Expansion Joints can be supplied opened (with a KIT for customer installation) or already closed and ready for installation on the plant. On demand, they will also be provided with finished metal and carpentry counter-flanges (in Steel, Aisi, Corten etc…) When the temperature is very high, they are supplied with one or more insulating cushions (BOLSTER) to protect the textile joint.
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